Specworks Consulting Inc.'s primary service is specification writing and the associated knowledge of products and assemblies gathered from years of experience working on projects large and small, from small residential condo developments to airports and laboratories; from wood to concrete; using all the modern building materials.

Our Services include:

Preparation of project technical specification sections
Preparation of General Requirements for LEED and Non-LEED projects
Preparation of Bidding Document and Supplementary Conditions
Document Coordination
Product Research
Preparing sustainable building specifications for all buildings
Lectures, workshops and Presentations about technology and specification writing.
Willing to provide CSC/CSI MasterFormat, NMS, or
Will work with corporate masters for universities, airports or large design firms.

Who are we?

Beverley Darling: Principal, manager and senior technical writer;
Glenn Chatten: Intermediate technical writer; knowledgeable painting contractor; Specifier 1 graduate.

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Why do we do it?

We enjoy our work and enjoy working with many architectural firm and individuals. We have the opportunity to work on many different types of buildings around the world. And we enjoy being at the leading edge of technology, products and doing our part to "green" the built environment.
Provide knowledgeable advise
Take the confusion out of the selection of materials
Talk about specifications so they are not so hard to understand
Track down hard to find items
Locate locally manufactured items
Contact as many technical representatives as we can
Investigate materials to ensure they meet the project requirements
Ask what, where, when, why, and how about everything.

Project Types

Commercial and industrial office building
University renovations and new construction
Residential housing structures of wood or concrete
National and Provincial government funded housing
National Government buildings
Manufacturing plants
Large scale Interior Design Projects
Airport New construction or renovations to existing spaces including arrival or departure areas, security clearance areas, stores and food courts.

Have a question?

If you have a simple question or want to know if we can help with your project, please email us. We have reasonable rates for all types of situations.